Installing ColdFusion Builder Beta on Linux

UPDATE (21 October 2009): This will no longer work with Beta 2 of ColdFusion builder. If you are looking for a more up to date technique for installing ColdFusion Builder on Linux, please see this post .

So I’ve managed to hack my way to getting Bolt installed on Linux, and
it wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it was going to be.  It is
essentially a pure plug-in install, but we have to jump though a few
hoops to get the plug-in itself.

I would suggest starting with a clean installation of Eclipse 3.4.2, with a clean workspace, just to make sure there are no major issues.

Here are the steps you need to reproduce:

  • Download ColdFusion Builder for Windows. I used 32 bit, but I don't think it matters.
  • in the terminal run: unzip cfbuilder_{your version}.exe, to extract all the content.
    (Update 16/09/09, as Universal Extractor isn't actually needed, see comments)
  • Install Universal Extractor –
    (I installed under CrossOver office, and it worked a treat, should work under Wine)

  • Extract the data from bolt.exe (I extracted to /tmp/bolt), using Universal Extractor
  • Extract /tmp/bolt/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/, (I extracted to /tmp/Resource1/)
  • Under /tmp/Resource1/Z_/dist/installer you will find ’installerdist_zg_ia_sf.jar’
    • Unzip this .jar file, you will find the /plugins and /features directories you need for a plugin install on Eclipse.
    • Extract those 2 directories into your Eclipse installation.
  • If you want the CF Builder Extension Samples, you can find them inside /tmp/Resource1/Z_/installer as ’samples_zg_ia_sf.jar’.  Open up that archive and there they are!
  • Fire up Eclipse, and you should now find you have a ColdFusion perspective!

So far, there is only 1 annoying bug I’ve found. 

When using CTRL+J to insert a snippet, it inserts perfectly, however, I
find I have to click outside of Eclipse, and then back into Eclipse
with my mouse before I can edit again (very weird, I know).  It's annoying, but I can work around it.

Hopefully we can provide enough free testing for ColdFusion Beta on
Linux, and prove we have a large enough user base, that we can get
supported on Linux.

Make sure any bugs you run into are reported to the ColdFusion Builder Bug Tracker page, so that Adobe is aware of them.

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  • Tom Chiverton | July 13, 2009

    You can also vote on to get Builder on linux

  • Michael Brennan-White | July 13, 2009

    Have you tried doing something similar with Flex Builder?

  • Jamie Krug | July 14, 2009

    @Mark: This both excellent and awful! Excellent that you figured this out and shared it, so I can try out Bolt on Ubuntu, thanks! Awful that you can do this and Adobe can’t take the time to make it easier on Linux users!?!?!

    @Michael: Search around for Flex Builder on Linux — I know many folks have the Alpha release running on Linux. However, keep in mind that it’s an alpha release lacking a lot of features of the fully supported version and hasn’t been updated in nearly a full year. Better yet, check out IntelliJ IDEA’s 30-day free trial and read

    @Adobe: +1 for another plead for full Linux support for ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder, at the very least!

  • Adam Ness | July 14, 2009

    @Michael I posted something to my blog recently about getting Eclipse Galileo (3.5) working with Flex Builder for Linux ( No kind words from Adobe yet whether they’re going to put Flash Builder on Linux.

  • Risto | July 14, 2009

    Thanks for this post. I panicked when I went to download and saw no Linux. We have 8 of us here that all develop on Linux. I hope Adobe realizes how many of us haven’t been buying their IDE’s because they don’t support Linux.

  • marcio | July 15, 2009

    How to resolve this

    An association from the table musician_instrument refers to an unmapped class:

  • Mark Flewellen | July 17, 2009

    Worked a treat on Ubuntu, why couldn’t this be released by Adobe for Linux as well, particularly if it is in Beta

  • Martijn van der Woud | July 19, 2009

    It works on Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) as well. Thank you Mark!

  • setzer | July 23, 2009

    Thx for the info, it worked perfectly!
    I’ll just add one thing: There’s no need to install the universal extractor to extract the files from the executable, I just used the unzip command line tool and it worked ^^

  • Mark | July 23, 2009

    Good tip! I didn’t even think to try that!

  • Michael Brennan-White | July 24, 2009

    Should I be seeing bolt.exe when I unzip the coldfusionbuilder_b1_install_win_071309.exe file or is that what you mean by bolt.exe

  • Michael Brennan White | July 24, 2009

    Okay I figured out when I looked inside the file. I now have the perspective loaded inside Eclipse 3.5.

  • Brian McCleery | August 1, 2009

    I get an error when trying to extract MakeExecutableAction_zg_ia_sf.jar:

    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
    a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
    latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
    the last disk(s) of this archive.
    zipinfo: cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/bmcry14i/Desktop/coldfusionbuilder_b1_install_win_071309/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/Resource1_tmp/MakeExecutableAction_zg_ia_sf.jar or
    /home/bmcry14i/Desktop/coldfusionbuilder_b1_install_win_071309/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/Resource1_tmp/, and cannot find /home/bmcry14i/Desktop/coldfusionbuilder_b1_install_win_071309/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/Resource1_tmp/MakeExecutableAction_zg_ia_sf.jar.ZIP, period.

    Help! I’m using Ubuntu 9.2.

  • Mark | August 1, 2009

    Try downloading the file again, it looks like you have a corrupt/incomplete download.