JavaLoader 0.2 Released

Huge changes! Massive Changes! The whole thing has been rewritten!

Okay, I'm lying.  The only thing I changed is that if you pass in a path to a JAR or a directory when you init() the JavaLoader, it will throw an Exception if the path doesn't exist.

This is simply a useful addition for debugging purposes, especially if you are wondering why you can't load a particular class, or you are getting the wrong version of a class, if you are trying to overload a class that is loaded into ColdFusion.

Oh yeah, I added a 'getVersion()' method too.

If you have any questions, comments or bugs, please send me an email or respond to this blog post.

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  • PaulH | June 22, 2006

    slick. uh what did it do before? get it from the classpath?

  • Mark | June 22, 2006

    Well, the underload Java classloader doesn’t throw an error if you load in a path that does’t exist – it just doesn’t search it.

    The JavaLoader classLoader takes the ColdFusion base classLoader as a parent – so if you were trying to load, say, the new version of log4j, but you passed in the wrong path to your new log4j.jar file, the classLoader would look in the path you gave, realise it didn’t exist, and the look in the CF classpath, and you would end up with the CF version.

    That can be pain to debug if you don’t know what you are looking for – hence the new change 😀

  • Thomas Woestman | June 30, 2006