JavaLoader 0.6 Released

Not a huge amount to report. This release simply re-orders some of the class loading, so it is child first.

is important in case you load up a newer (or older) version of a
library that ColdFusion already has access to, and you want to make
sure you get the library you want, not the library loaded by ColdFusion.

That and I fixed a bug in the JavaProxy.cfc that was sent to me a loooong time ago, that will fix an issue with resolving overloaded Java Methods.

JavaLoader can be downloaded from here.

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  • todd sharp | May 15, 2008

    Hey Mark,

    I’m a bit naive, but I’ve meaning to ask you what happens if I drop a newer version of a JAR file into my lib? It appears that once a class is loaded it is reused until CF is restarted, or am I wrong? Is there a way to programatically clear this? Usually I just restart CF.

  • Mark | May 16, 2008

    Which lib? The cf lib, or the JavaLoader lib?

    If it’s the CF lib, you could potentially muck something up, as it’s not for that version.

    For the JavaLoader lib, you can recreate the JavaLoader and the use it. You will see a small memory leak when you do this, which means you will have to occasionally restart CF, but its better than having to restart every time.

  • Niklas | June 6, 2008

    Thank you!
    This update solved my headache i had for some hours 🙂
    Was about to start upgrading coldfusions runtime librarys if I didnt find this.
    I love you! ^^

  • DanielB | February 6, 2009

    Hello Mark,

    I wasn’t sure the best way to contact you for a feature request as it looks like you RiaForge forums are not really used. But I posted a feature request there (

  • Mark | February 6, 2009

    @DanielB Thanks for that, for some reason, I’m not getting the emails when people post on the forum, I’ve pinged Ray, and he’s looking into it.