JavaLoader 1.1, and a Move to GitHub

A couple of new items in this release of JavaLoader:

  • A few bug fixes in the NetworkClassLoader that allowed the Tika library to work.
  • A new function for switching out the ThreadContextClassLoader.

The new function, swithThreadContextClassLoader() is useful as it is often required when dealing with libraries, such as dom4j, that use the ClassLoader to define singletons or search for implementing classes, and don't allow you to overwrite what ClassLoader they use. Check out the wiki for more details on why this is neccessary, and how easy it is to now do, thanks to our new function!

Also, JavaLoader has been move to GitHub, along with the all the documentation. This should make collaboration much easier moving forward!

Otherwise, make sure to sign up to the mailing list, and enjoy loading your Java.

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  • Ronad | June 15, 2014

    Do you recommend JavaLoader for Coldfusion std. ver 10 and later?