JavaLoader v0.4 Released

One thing that I always gets complaints about with JavaLoader
is that you can't delete or rename a .jar file once it is use by
ColdFusion, you either have to restart CF, or name the .jar file
something funky like 'myOwnJar-10042007.jar', so it has a unique name.  Now with this version of JavaLoader, that issue is no more!

While the .jar file that JavaLoader uses itself does get locked down (I know.. I can't do anything about that one), but .jar files that you use with JavaLoader no longer are locked by the system!

To note, the JavaLoader cfc has had one of its arguments removed – 'loadedClassPathBias',
simply because it was more difficult to implement with the new code
base, and there didn't seem to be a case for it.  By default,JavaLoader
will load the specified jar files before it loads the parent's, if it
has one.  Honestly, I don't think this is going to affect a single
person, because I would be shocked if anyone actually ever used the

Please note there are some issues with memory and JavaLoader, so make sure you put your JavaLoaders in the Server scope.  See here for more details.

If you find any issues, please post to the forums, or contact me directly.


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  • PaulH | April 9, 2007

    cool, thanks again.

  • PaulH | April 9, 2007

    btw the javaloader page still says "download 0.3".

  • Mark | April 9, 2007


    I forgot to update version numbers all over the shop. My Bad.

    Thanks for pointing that out!