Melbourne CFCAMP this Week!

Just reminding everyone that the Melbourne CFCAMP is on this Thursday!!!

The agenda has been locked down, and can be seen at and I have to say, it looks really exciting!

We're going to be seeing coverage of topics ranging from ColdFusion 8
(Obviously), Flex integration, AIR Integration, Farcry, Transfer ORM,
LiveCycle Data Services and Code Generation, not to mention its going
to be a great opportunity to catch up with all the local developers,
and see what is going on in the local development community.

If you have yet to register,
I would highly recommend that you do! It's going to be a really good
day!  And considering its all free, what have you got to lose?

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  • Justin | November 22, 2007

    Hello Mark,

    Great presentation today. That was my first CF conference and it was very informative.

    I just started using Transfer in the last week and your presentation helped confirm the stuff I have been learning.

    Thanks again,


  • Mark | November 23, 2007


    Your more than welcome!

    I had a blast yesterday, so thanks for coming and watching!