Melbourne CFUG – 17th of April

Another CFUG Meeting for us all,

Location:, Level 2, 17 Raglan St, South Melbourne

17th of April, Meeting starts at 7:00, so get there before hand (doors open at 6:30).


Dale Fraser will be taking us through….

Flex for ColdFusion Developers

This talk will cover the basics of how to get setup on FlexBuilder to start writing Flex applications that will leverage your existing ColdFusion code.

Topics covered will several of the standard flex components and how to return various types of data from ColdFusion to flex. You will be amazed how easy it is.

Returning Simple Values
Returning Structures
Returning Arrays
Returning Queries

And how to bind these to common components in Flex such as


We will also cover dymystifying the install and configuration of Flex to ColdFusion, and a simple way to setup the necessary mappings between the two. This is for anyone who loves ColdFusion and wants to start with Flex and for anyone who is trying to decide between Ajax & Flex.

Dale will also announce the launch of a new website on this night that specifically is aimed at the ColdFusion to Flex developers.

If you are going to attend, please RSVP to mark [dot] mandel [at] gmail [dot] com.

Only those that RSVP are eligible for the door prizes, so make sure you apply!

See the CFUG Melbourne Calendar at:

Or add to your Google Calendar – search for 'CFUG Melbourne'.

As per usual, we'll grab pizza during the evening, so we have something to scoff down!

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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