Melbourne CFUG – 17th of July

We're back to regular CFUG's, after the break for WebDU, and I think we have a pretty interesting presentation lined up!

Location:, Level 2, 17 Raglan St, South Melbourne


17th of July, Meeting starts at 7:00, so get there before hand (doors open at 6:30).


Elliott Sprehn

Elliott is a software engineer at TeraTech, Inc. and the lead developer for the Conferences department. He has worked on a variety
of projects that include network services, realtime messaging systems, survey processors and most commonly web applications. As a strong advocate of web standards and accessibility he volunteers his free time to help new developers learn standards and best practices. He is also proponent of design patterns and draws his vision about application design from experience with many languages that include ColdFusion, Java, ruby and php.

Internals of the Adobe ColdFusion Server

To many CF developers the ColdFusion server is a block box that just works. This presentation takes a look at how the internals of the engine operate. The presentation covers how variables, scopes, functions, cfcs, custom tags, includes and java objects are implemented and how we can use this knowledge to do things not normally possible with the CF functions.

We'll look at how to implement several features in CF6, CF7 and CF8 like:
– Query Caching with the native CF query cache for queries that use
– Create and execute queries that use cfqueryparam from cfscript.
– Create a function like CF8 to get database info for a datasource.
– Add global mappings by appending to a structure like this.mappings in CF8.
– Call functions and component methods and inspect the local scope
after their execution.
– Access the Application.cfc anywhere in an application.
– Allow passing arrays of values in the url scope instead of lists
when there are duplicate keys.

If you are going to attend, please RSVP to mark (dot) mandel (at) gmail (dot) com.

Only those that RSVP are eligible for the door prizes, so make sure you apply!

See the CFUG Melbourne Calendar at:

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As per usual, we'll grab pizza during the evening, so we have something to scoff down!

Look forward to seeing you all there.

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