Moving ColdFusion from Windows to Unix

Just moved the development of an app from Windows to a J2EE instance on a Unix server, and quite frankly, not nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Took a little while longer than expected as they had also set up .htm and .js as ColdFusion extensions, and that threw a few bits and pieces out of whack.

Obviously hit the CaSe sEnSItIVitY Issue, but with a few global find and replaces, that soon went away.  That and I also tend to stick to a pretty standard naming convention, so it didn’t bite me as hard as it could.

Filepaths got me a little, as Windows will take c:mydir/thisplace/file.txt or c:mydirimagesimage.txt etc as a valid path, whereas Unix only likes the / operator.  But that didn’t take long to fix either.

So, all in all migration, pretty easy! :o)

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