Multi-Monitor with One screen rotated with Nvidia Drivers – Ubuntu 12.10

I have this monitor and computer sitting on my right for a while now, and as you can see, the screen is rotated so it’s in portrait mode. Not only is it great for Tweetdeck, it’s also awesome for reading various API docs while I’m working.

I’d tried a few times to set this up with the Nvidia driver, but could never get it to work, and would just give up and use the Nouveau driver, as it was very simple to set up the way I would like.

I decided to come back at this, and did some reading around, and discovered the following solution (I’ve since lost the link on the Ubuntu forum that pointed this out, if anyone finds it, please add to the comments).

  1. Open Nvidia Settings and set up your monitors using Twinview as you would like them positioned, and hit apply.
  2. Open the Displays application (the one in the System Settings application), select the window you want to rotate, change it’s rotation in the rotate dropdown, and hit apply.
  3. Go back to Nvidia Settings and save your configuration to your xorg.conf

That should be about it! Now you have 1 screen rotated!

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