My apologies to Mac Users

I just wanted to extend my apologies to Mac users, I know full well none of my forms display correctly on Macs (particularly Safari).

It’s a known issue, but since I don’t have a Mac at hand, it’s very hard to debug :oP.  I realised that everything was all skew-iff when I did some screen grabs on the site at Dan Vine’s iCapture site to see what things look like.

Not sure when I am going to fix the problem (or how at this stage), but I will get to it.

This is one place where XHTML Strict kicks me right up the….

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  • adrian | June 22, 2004

    gaaahh!!!! it looks ‘ORRIBLE!!!! fix it fix it fix it!

    oh, and I’m using Netscape 6 on a mac right now (cos IE is even more ‘orrible) and it looks ok. on IE tho, well… that’s icky…

  • adrian | June 22, 2004

    oh, and the layout looks kinda off in IE too – the main content won’t begin until after your fullasagoog img… which does suck.

  • Mark | June 22, 2004

    Adrian, I may have to come over to your place and sit on your Mac for a while to get it sorted one Monday night.

    Bloody annoying Macs ;o)