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If you take a wander over to the cf.Objective() site, you'll see that my two presentations on Transfer are listed on the session page.

going to be doing a general introduction to Transfer, as well as an
extended 'Advanced Transfer Techniques' presentation that will go into
some of the extra features of Transfer that aid in managing your model,
like caching, TQL, Decorators and Observable Events.

The session list is shaping up really nicely, and I've already earmarked several presentations that I definitely want to be at.

So far, my schedule looks tentatively like –

  • Peter Farrell – Head First Mach II
  • Peter Farrell – What's New in Mach II 1.5.0?
  • Sean Corfield – Real World SOA: Building services with ColdSpring and Transfer
  • Sean Corfield – Error Handling in service oriented Architectures
  • Mark Drew – The CFEclipse Project
  • Nicholas Tunney – JVM Server Tuning

Of course, I say this not knowing what times what presentations are, or even if I'm speaking during them. ;o)

cf.Objective() 2007 looks to be an amazing conference, so if you're on the fence about attending, I would highly recommend you come down.

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