Mysteries of Business Object

I found these two really nice articles on Business Objects on Java Boutique yesterday, and thought I would share them, considering my previous post on using OO with ColdFusion.

  1. The Mysteries of Business Object – Part 1
  2. The Mysteries of Business Object – Part 2

Business Objects tend to find their way into almost every type of application development that utilises an OO approach, so understanding the concept (and you may already be doing it without knowing it) is a pretty good idea.

The second article goes through a example application, and goes through alot of the considerations to be made when utilising business objects in an application.

Obviously the articles are Java related, but due to the general nature of Business Objects, as well as the myriad of frameworks that support BO’s under Java, it tends to stick to pretty vendor non-specific details, so is a good read for ColdFusion developers as well.

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