Need New CFUG Melbourne Venue

Unfortunately after years of service, the current venue for the Melbourne ColdFusion user group venue is no longer available to us.

If anyone knows a venue in Melbourne that is happy to have some geeks once a month doing presentations on ColdFusion and other related Adobe technologies, please shoot an email to:

Steve AT cfcentral DOT com DOT au

Or you can contact me directly , and I will pass it onto Steve.

Failing any of that, if you are interested in attending the Melbourne CFUG, please stay tuned to the CFAUSSIE mailing list , as announcements will be made to where we will eventually end up.

Please do note, it is really important we find somewhere.  There are some great presentations lined up for the next few months, including Flex development and ColdFusion / Java integration, and without a venue none of this will happen.

User groups are an important part of what keep ColdFusion alive and strong, so any and all suggestions are more than appreciated.

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  • Dale Fraser | July 28, 2006

    Do we know why we lost VTR?

  • Mark | July 28, 2006

    No idea actually Dale, you would have to ask Steve.

    I’m not sure if VTR gave a reason mind you.

    I’ve actually been wondering if anyone who might be involved with inner city Universities may be willing to lend us a room / lecture hall once a month, but the only people I know are all at Monash, which isn’t the best location.