New CFEclipse (1.1.15) – Good Stuff, But a Bit Buggy

Opened up my Eclipse, and got notified that there is now a 1.1.15 version of CFEclipse! (I should have known this anyway as I'm on the mailing list, but looks like I missed that one! Ooops!).

Looks good!  Some new features are sweet – particularly that you can now sort CFC methods to alphabetical and back again, in the CFC methods viewer.

The new snippet preview is nice, and the snippet trigger is good – however it is a tad buggy so be careful.

  1. You can't use a trigger that is only a single character – so don't even try. no 'c' or 'f' or 'g'. It has to be at least 2 characters.
  2. When changing your snippet triggers, they may not show up as changed when you look at it again – this is because the plugin doesn't actually delete the old trigger, so it will still be able to be used.  So I suggest choosing wisely before setting your triggers. (That being said, you can manually change triggers via the file, it's pretty easy, and takes effect straight away)
  3. Supposedly you need a whitespace character before your trigger, otherwise when you hit CTRL+I, it won't work.  I haven't seen this one happen, but keep an eye out for it.

Overall, however, the upgrade is nice, provides some good bug fixes, and these bugs can be worked around.

Oh yeah – and despite the controversy, they are still using my Icon ;o) (Although I'm sure someone will come up with something better eventually).

Enjoy :o)

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  • Spike | July 23, 2004

    Hi Mark,

    These are all now fixed in the latest CVS

    You can now use single character trigger text.

    Changing the trigger text now removes all other trigger text for that snippet.

    You can now use alpha, number, _ and – for the trigger text. When you fire the insert snippet action, cfeclipse looks back for the first character that could not be a trigger text character. That should make it a bit less restrictive on where you must put the trigger text.

    Also, thanks to Matt Liotta you can now open external files in cfeclipse without having to first add them to a project.

    The latest additions are in an interim build at

    Keep hunting for those bugs and we’ll keep fixing ’em 🙂

  • Mark | July 23, 2004

    Allright! :o)

    Glad to hear you can open external files now too.

    Great work!!!

  • Oliver Tupman | August 12, 2004

    Ah, on the opening of external files front – you can open them … you just can’t edit them 🙁 Looks like we’ve got some bug in our file handling stuff.

    Oh well, one for the bug list. Another release should turn up sometime next week.