Not been blogging much, where have I been?

I came to the realisation the other day, that my blog has really
become almost totally announcement based.  A series of presentation
announcements, eSeminars, ColdFusion User Groups, Code Releases and
various other 'hey! this is what is going on' posts.

It used to be chock full of weird and interesting things you could do
with ColdFusion, and combining with the Java layer that sits underneath
it to do even weirder and even more interesting things with that. 
Sadly, I've been super busy over the past <insert long time
frame>, and I've let things slip.

That being said, I plan on returning to the original theme of this
blog, and start publishing some of the new things I've found out about
ColdFusion, and what can be done with it.  I've got some interesting
ideas on article on ColdFusion and Threading, and also some more on
onMissingMethod and method injection and manipulation, so be prepared!

So what has kept me so busy? Quite a lot actually. In no particular order…

Consulting full time.
has been one of the biggest changes, and adjustments for me to make
over the past 6 months or so.  That being said, it is going very well,
and I am keeping myself very busy (Almost too busy!).  I love working from home, and love the flexibility working for myself gives me.

I also find it is a really rewarding experience. Working for yourself
challenges you in a variety of ways, as you only have yourself to rely
on, and you are solely responsible to make it or break it.

mostly I've been doing Transfer related work, I've also been doing some
mentoring and memory leak analysis, all of which have been really
interesting.  Coming from a background in which I have tended to work
on single projects for months/years at a time, having a variety of
undertakings going at once is a nice change.

Speaking at webDU
I didn't even blog about this, which was very remiss of me!  But I went to webDU, which was great fun.  I gave a presentation on TQL, and although I had some projector issues, it seemed to go quite well.

Writing Transfer code
I also got very busy writing Transfer
1.2 in my spare (?) time.  I'm really getting excited about Transfer
all over again, and I think I have some really interesting ideas for
the future. The next version is almost mapped out in my head… but I
will wait until after the Transfer Survey before setting it in stone.

Writing DevNet Frameworks Article
articles always take far longer than you expect them to, but when they
finally get published, it feels really great.  From the feedback I've
received the Introduction to ColdFusion Frameworks has been well received, and given some people new to frameworks some perspective over the landscape.

Something Super Cool Special
Been spending some time doing something really, really cool, but I can't really talk about it yet…

Don't you hate it when people say that? ;o)

Technical Editing for FAQU
also started technical editing for the Fusion Authority Quarterly
Update, which one was one of those random opportunities that show up
during a conversation I was having with Judith Dinowitz.  Editing other
people's articles in an interesting endeavour, but (I find) much easier
than writing them in the first place ;o)

Went on Holiday

I actually hadn't had a proper holiday
in several years, and it has made a huge difference!  Taking a solid
break for a few weeks has meant I've come back with a new passion for
writing code, and a variety of other things in my life.  I always
forget how much change a holiday can bring.

So that's my life at the moment in a nut shell.  Figured I would let people know what was going on.

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