OMG! I’ve sold out!

Yes, it's true, I've finally succumbed, and put ads on my site, and
switched out the wishlist for a PayPal donate button.  I have finally
turned to the dark side.

Do not fear! There are reasons for this!

First of all, the Amazon wish list, didn't really work out.  I'm sure
people thought 'I'll buy Mark something from the wishlist, he'll like
that', and then quickly realised it can be up to $30 to send stuff to
Australia, and that whole idea quickly went out the window.

Second of all, I really want to get out to more conferences overseas. 
Unfortunately, while living in Australia is wonderful, we are about as
far away from anyone as can possibly be.  This means that travelling
can be really expensive.  So this is to say that any revenue
and/or donations that I receive from the ads, or from PayPal, will go directly to funding conference travel costs, and
also to general open source development costs.

So if you do like the work that I've provided for you guys, please feel
free to click the PayPal donate button, its always appreciated, and
allows me to come out to more conferences, and put more resources at
your disposal.

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  • Mike Rankin | July 14, 2007

    "…buy Mark someONE from the wishlist…"!? My, you did have high hopes.

  • Ben Nadel | July 14, 2007

    I think the biggest problem with you bing in Australia is that the US dollar is so weak right now 🙁 Like, when I go onto to WishLists for people in the UK, it costs me like twice as much to anything!

    I assume with PayPal, we have to deal with the same conversion issues, right? I rarely use PayPal (just for the occasional eBay purchase) so I have no idea how stuff like this works with donations.

    Of course, I have leeched solid knowledge off you many times and would be happy to help out 🙂

  • Mark | July 14, 2007

    @Mike – oops! umn… I fixed it now… I wonder who I was going to get bought?

    @Ben – With the PayPal, if you wanted to donate US$5, it’s still US$5 to you, it will just get converted to Australian dollars if I go to withdraw it, so it’s slightly better than a wishlist for me.

    More than happy to have you leech knowledge 😉 kinda the point really 😉

  • Capiz | July 17, 2007

    send YOU money? But then I’ll NEVER save up enough to visit…