One Week Until cf.Objective(ANZ)

I can't believe it was well over a year ago I was sitting around with the steering committee of cf.Objective() , and the conversation turned to 'What do you think of the idea of doing this conference in Australia?', it feels just like yesterday.

Now we're only one week away from cf.Objective(ANZ)!!!

If you haven't already registered , there are still spots available, so make sure you grab them quick! You don't want to miss out on hanging out with super-top-programmers like Justin McLean , Andrew Muller , Dan Wilson … oh, and did we mention Ben Forta and Terry Ryan are coming? (like anyone missed that!).

See you all in a week!

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  • Terrence Ryan | November 6, 2009

    I also hear that joey-pouched Australian ColdFusioner Extraordinaire Mark Mandel will also be there.

    Should be a great two days.