Please put name tags on your pets

My girlfriend and I had an incedent the other night, that threw me a little, so I thought I would share it.

We were walking my dog around 8:30 – 9:00 pm, when a woman across the road called to us and asked us if we had a mobile. This happened to be one of the few times I didn't have my mobile with me, but we walked across to talk with the woman.  She'd found a beagle that was wandering around, and she then preceeded to unceremoniously dump the animal onto us because she was in a hurry.

Now my girlfriend and I are long time animal lovers (both of us have pets), so we were happy to sort the situation out.  Unfortunately, while the dog had it's registeration tags, but no name tag, and no home phone number.

We managed to get a mobile, and made some phone calls to the local council and such, but of course being after hours, nobody was particularly helpful.

Thankfully, the owner of the dog ran into my girlfriend as I was holding this dog down the street, and they were both happily reunited.

However – if the dog had had a name tag with it's phone number on it, this could all have been easily avoided, and there would have been far less chance that someone would have ended up leaving the dog to be 'someone elses problem', when they are 'in a hurry'.

So please, put a name tag on your dog, and put a home phone number on it.


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  • Michael Conger | July 15, 2004

    Microchip too! We finally "chipped" our dogs (resulting in a 50% increase in horsepower and improved gas mileage). Seriously though. The dogs didn’t feel a thing… they didn’t even flinch when the vet injected the thing.

    The chips hold both contact info and access to complete medical info (shots and everything). And EVERY vet/shelter/police have access to a reader.

    Please do put human-readable tags on your pets (for situations like this one) but remember collars can be lost. The chips are both practical, affordable (we paid about $75 for 2 dogs) plus your pet will be slightly cyborg too… cool!

  • Mark | July 15, 2004

    Damn straight.

    Our sheperd has been chipped too, and it’s a great idea.

  • Betty Verona | June 23, 2006

    Yes, I have had incidents too that make me a BIG advocate of pet ID tags. Theres a good website with real good prices for pet tags at