Recording: Creating interactive multiplayer experiences with Firebase

Earlier this year, I had the honour of presenting at Google I/O 2016, on how to build multiplayer games with Firebase.

If you aren’t familiar with Firebase, it’s a fantastic Backend-as-a-Service that has several features, most notably the Realtime Database, that can cut down the amount of time for certain types of games quite drastically.

In this presentation, I build a simple web based game, using only client side Javascript (no frameworks!) and Firebase, that shows off real time chat, some very simple matchmaking, and a warped version of Rock-Paper-Scissors that can be played over the internet: Happy-Angry-Surprised.

The premise of the game is such – a web cam takes a picture of your face, and a picture of the person you are playing. Your facial emotion is determined via Cloud Vision API, and the winner is determined by:

  1. Happy beats Angry
  2. Surprised beats Happy
  3. Angry beats Surprised

Game screenshot

That’s really about it!

This was an incredibly fun demo to build, and also presentation to give. I especially love that I am able to play the game with an audience member when I demo the final application – it’s a load of fun.

If you want to see the code, it’s available on Github for your download and perusal as well.

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