Second Impression on CFEclipse and Eclipse

I thought I would do a second impression on eclipse and cfeclipse, simply because I've been using it for the last few days, and have really had a chance to get into it.

Quite frankly, I love it.

The new verison (1.1.13) has just come in, with some great bug fixes, and it is so nice to use.

Things I love about cfeclipse:

  1. Snips – These things totally rock my world. The fact you can code in user variables, and have default values such as $${MONTH} and $${CURRENTFILE} provided for you, make things SO easy.  Before I started using these, I missed all the Homesite tag editors, just because of the speed.  Now I just make a small snip with custom elements, and presto, it's pretty much the same. (Keyboard shortcuts for snippets are coming, which is good).
  2. CF Outline view and CFC Method view.  I've been dying for these for a while.  I'm so used to them in Java IDE's, it's great to have them here too.
  3. I do all my editing in a single IDE. I love that, it saves me so much time.
  4. The fact that CFEclipse is has a strong, driven development team.  I love the fact that I can go 'you know, it would be nice if you had void on the code completion for cffuntion', and look, it's there in this release.  Failing that, I'll go write it myself (as soon as I get some time to play with eclipse plugins).

Things I don't like about cfeclipse.

  1. The new icon. I totally understand why you changed it, but UGH! It aint pretty.

Things I use with cfeclipse (half covered with last post)

  1. CSSEditor – works fine with 3.0, hit ctrl+space, and you have some css completion. Perfect for what I need.
  2. JSEditor – The guy who made this has dissapeared, but it's neat, and has code completion too.
  3. XMLBuddy – The free version of this is really good, and I'm seriously contemplating buying a pro version for XSL work. (I can't find a decent XSL editor for Eclipse that is free.)

My contributions

  1. A new icon for CFEclipse. (Right click and save as). Pop it in "/eclipse/plugins/com.rohanclan.cfm{version}iconsobj16", and you have a nice pretty blue document.  I had to do this, because I really didn't like the icon.
  2. Comment Header Snip – I used the old comment header extension for Homesite+ alot, so I made a snip that emulated it.  Here you go.  Drop this in your snips directory, and you can use it as you see fit.

There we go. Download Eclipse. Install CFEclipse. Have some fun.

Go on. Do it.

Do it. </bad Starsky and Hutch Reference>


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  • Steven Ringo | July 8, 2004

    Now start eclipse with "D:Program Fileseclipseeclipse.exe" -vmargs -Xverify:none -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:PermSize=20M -XX:MaxNewSize=32M -XX:NewSize=32M -Xmx256m -Xms256m

    and watch it start in half the time!

    Also how does one get function completion with something like ctrl-space? (as opposed to tag completion). Also is there a way to get context sensitive help.



  • Mark | July 9, 2004

    As far as I am aware function completion is in the works (the cfscript parser is kinda buggy atm).

    Although you will get an argument list when writing funtions in CFEclipse.

    But if you really want these funtions, get on the CFEclipse site and post some issues – these guys really do listen.
    (I mean, check out the new icon on the new version 1.1.14 of CFEclipse!)

  • Andy Welsh | July 9, 2004

    Yeah- I’ve been using both eclipse and cfeclipse for a couple of months, and I’m always impressed by the leaps and bounds that the team achieve! So far the *only* gripe I’ve got is with Eclipse’s staunch refusal for a line wrap; other than that, class, pure class!

  • Steve McInnes | July 13, 2004

    I notice Compound Theory is the top "Most Clicked Blogs This Month" for July! Nice work Mark! Looks like the industry is listening to what you’ve got to say…