Speaking at cf.Objective() and Starting a Podcast

Lots of stuff I should have been blogging about, but haven’t managed to find the time.

First of all, I’ve been accepted to speak at cf.Objective() this year, which is a great honour.

I’m doing  talk on AOP For you and Me , which will be an extended version of the talk I did at Adobe MAX and cf.Objective(ANZ) ,
wherein I will talk not only about what Aspect Oriented Programming is,
but also go more in depth into some real world examples.

I will also be presenting ColdSpring 2.0 Alpha 1 – What's New and Improved? In which I will discuss all the new doodads and whoogama-whatsits that come in this new version of ColdSpring , which is currently only 3 tickets away from code completion!

As per usual, I’m really looking forward to this conference. It’s always a fantastic time, and a great learning opportunity.

Also, my good friend, Kai Koenig
and I, decided it would be fun to start up a podcast! (Well, he
basically bullied me into it, but ssshhhh). We gave it a test run, and
it was lots and lots of fun. We’re planning on talking about all sorts
of Adobe stuff, ColdFusion, software engineering, and whatever else
grabs our fancy.

We set up a website at http://www.2ddu.com/ , and will be posting updates there, and you can also follow the podcast on twitter @2dduPodcast . Our first installment is up there now, and please give us any feedback you have – we would love to have it.

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  • John Allwn | February 15, 2011

    Very excited about the pod cast.