Speaking at cf.Objective()

Yesterday I got notified that I will be speaking at cf.Objective()
next year!  I am very excited about coming over again and speaking. 
Last year was an amazing experience, and it will be great to catch up
with all the people who I only ever get to see face to face once a year.

I'm going to be doing two presentations on Transfer:

'Introduction to Building Applications with Transfer ORM' – A reworking
of my original 'intro' talk, that is going to take a very code centric
walkthrough of setting up and using Transfer ORM.

Transfer ORM Caching Mechanics' – Where we will look at some overall
caching concepts, and have a strong technical discussion on how the
caching in Transfer works, as well as all the configuration options,
and cache manipulation methods that are available.

I have to say, the speaker line up this year looks absolutely amazing.
I'm actually seriously hoping that my speaking schedule doesn't get in
the way of me getting to all the sessions I want to get to!

Big Kudos to Jared, Sean, and everyone else who's been working on the cf.Objective() conference, you guys are doing an incredible job.

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  • Mark Drew | December 22, 2007

    Wayhay! We can talk real fast and see if people understand us! Drinking time!