Speaking at MAX this year – ColdFusion for Java Devlopers

This year it is going to be my absolute pleasure to be attending and presenting for the first time ever at the Adobe MAX conference.

My presentation is entitled ColdFusion For Java Developers and is scheduled for Wednesday, 5:00pm.

aimed at Java developers, it is going to cover a myriad of ways that
you can integrate your already existing Java code base into a
ColdFusion application, and also get your Java model talking seamlessly
to your ColdFusion code base.

The official synopsis is:

Ever since ColdFusion was re-implemented as a J2EE application, the
benefits of combining Java and ColdFusion application development have
been easy to see, and widely used across the ColdFusion landscape.

talk will look at some of the ways we can already take advantage of
common Java libraries in ColdFusion, and enable Java developers to
leverage the libraries and frameworks that they are already using. We will also be looking at
how Java developers can seamlessly leverage the dynamic scripting
language of ColdFusion, within their Java code, to easily enable them
to take advantage of some of the RAD features that come bundled with

being said, if you are a ColdFusion developer who likes to also work
with Java, you may wish to come along, as there will be several
techniques demonstrated that will be provided by the forthcoming JavaLoader 1.0 release that should (hopefully) interest you greatly.

I look forward to seeing you all at MAX, and also at the ColdFusion Unconference!

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