Special Flex Event in Melbourne

In case people missed it via the CFUG list, please put down interest ASAP, so we get everything confirmed. 

We are happy to have some potentially very exciting news for our Cold
Fusion User Group for very early in the new year.

Danny Dura is an Adobe Platform Evangelist at Adobe U.S.A will be in
Melbourne in late January so we are making preliminary enquiries to
see if our members would be interested in attending a special
Flex/AIR night meeting.

The planned date would be the evening of Tuesday the 29th of January,
2008. If you don't know much about Flex or AIR, this will be right up
your alley. If you already know about Flex or AIR, this is a great
opportunity to be brought up to speed with Flex 3 and AIR pending
their release this year.

We realise that many of you will be away, given it's still the
holiday season. However, if you'd be interested in coming, please let
us know by simply clicking on the link below.


If the event goes ahead, it will be catered for and we will be giving
away a copy of Adobe Flex 3 (delivered after release), as well as
Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, all courtesy of Adobe.

About Danny Dura…

Danny Dura is an Adobe Platform Evangelist – His main focus is AIR,
Flash Player, ActionScript and Flex.


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  • Justin Freitag | January 10, 2008

    i’m looking forward to this event…fingers crossed it goes ahead!