Talking Java and ColdFusion Integration on CFPanel this week!

At a very ANZ friendly time of Wednesday, 10am Melbourne time, I'm going to be joining super-smart guys Brian Kotek and Barney Boisvert on CFPanel to talk about Java Integration with ColdFusion in the CFPanel Connect Room.

is obviously a topic that is quite near and dear to my heart, but it is
also one that I think often doesn't get its 'surface scratched' (so to
speak).  In my experience I often see the information presented is more
on the 'how to get set up' side, and less on the deeper details on what
can actually be done.

I'm really looking forward to getting a chance to share experience with the other CFPanel
members, and really get deeper into some interesting Java and
ColdFusion integration, in regards to how people are using it, what
benefits they are reaping, and also what problems they have encountered.

For more details, and and all the other time zones, check out the CFPanel post.

Hope to see you in the Connect room!

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  • Grant Copley | September 28, 2009

    I watched the episode last night and I’m really glad you guys did this. I only know very little Java but this conversation has definitely sparked my interest in learning more about. You guys lost me completely when you began talking about about comparators and using Java for the model layer. Where can I learn more about this?

    Thanks again.

  • Mark | September 28, 2009

    @Grant – I would simply suggest really learning some more Java. There are some great books out there, and Sun has some great tutorials as well.