Tim Buntel at Melbourne CFUG

Last night we had Tim Buntel at the Melbourne CFUG for a presentation on ColdFusion MX 7.

I must admit, apon seeing what I had seen on MX7, I walked in thinking I was going to see some neat gadgets, and pretty much walk out of there thinking 'yeah, it's cool… but I could live without it'.

Ultimatley, I was really wrong.  This stuff is cool, and the new stuff could really speed up my productivity. (XML forms for me please!).

So I want to extend a big thank you to Tim for opening my eyes – and it was a pleasure to actually have a good conversation with you this time, as aposed to seeing you from across a conference hall.

Also – Thanks for the pointer to the J2EE Promises white paper. That is definatly going to come in handy in the near future.

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  • barry.b | February 24, 2005

    did tim mention the 4 or so new feature that missed CF7 but might be in CF8? – – aparently (mentioned on CFAUSSIE) he did in sydney.

    I’m in brisbane and didn’t get a chance to ask….


  • Mark | February 25, 2005

    Can’t say I heard any such thing Barry, sorry.

    Anyone from Syd want to mention it?