Tip for ColdFusion Builder – Adding a New Server via RDS

Something I (somehow) worked out a while ago for adding a new ColdFusion server in ColdFusion builder, that I'm not sure is widely known.

Adding a new server to ColdFusion Builder can be a bit of a pain, as you have to remember / work out a stack of details about the server, and make sure you get it 100% correct when enterting the details into all the boxes.  This can be even more complicated if you have a JEE install of ColdFusion, and/or are working with remote servers.

There is actually an easier way baked into Builder already!

  1. Go to Windows > Preferences > RDS Configuration (or through any one of the RDS views) and create a RDS connection to the server in question.
  2. Go to the Server View, and click 'Add a Server'. This will now give you the option of importing from an RDS connection. Do that.
  3. You should now have all the fields of the Server pre-populated for you, for a connection.
  4. Add in any extra configuration you like from here – virtual hosts, folders mappings etc.
  5. You are now done.

Isn't that easier?

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  • Rawdyn | July 14, 2011

    Thanks Mark,

    Way easier than the two vidoes and numerous adobe forum pages I have just read through.

  • Azeem | June 30, 2019

    Very easy. I always scratch my head when I have to configure after a sometime .