Transfer 0.6.1 Released

After quite a few bug fixes and performance enhancements, it made sense to do a maintenance release of Transfer ORM before moving on to version 0.7.

The major improvements and bug fixes that you will see in this release are:

  • Documentation updates.
    It was noted that some areas of Transfer were not documented as well as they should.  You will now find a brand new 'Getting Started' section, as well as more details in sections such as Caching and Decorators.
  • The caching layer now allows the underlying Java engine to discard TransferObjects as required.
    This means that as the underlying JVM realises that it is requires more memory, it can discard TransferObjects that aren't being used.  This ensures that Transfer won't be a memory leak.
  • ModelGlue folder deleted.
    You will now find the Model Glue : Unity integration code in the MG:U framework.  For more details on how to integrate MG:U will Transfer, go to:
  • Multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements
    Quite a few bug fixes and performance enhancements, mostly to do with the clone() operation, but a few other things as well.

For a full list of changes, you can see the changelog .

Download Transfer 0.6.1

For a peek at the future, the major enhancements lined up for 0.7 are:

  • Soft Deletes
    Be able to specify a field in your configuration XML that denotes if a Object is deleted, and have Transfer mange it automatically for you.
  • Composite Key support
    Quite a few of you have asked for it, now you will get it!
  • Transfer Query Language (TQL)
    Another nice way to simplify doing gateway list() queries and read() operations, with a simplified SQL like syntax that follows the configuration XML file.

If you have any questions or comments there is a mailing list , and a forum             .

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  • Peter Bell | January 22, 2007

    Any chance of releasing preliminary schema for TQL? Am working a lot with DSLs for describing lists and CRUD and the like and would love to compare notes . . .

  • Mark Mandel | January 23, 2007

    Think very HQL (if you’ve used Hibernate)

    ‘from email.Emails as Emails where Emails.emailName like :emailName’

    That’s a pretty basic version…

  • Peter Bell | January 23, 2007

    Hi Mark,

    OK, thanks. Got a book on Hibernate been meaning to read for ages – will check it out. Great work with Transfer BTW – VERY cool!

  • John Allen | January 24, 2007