Transfer 0.6.3 Goes Final!

After a good Release Candidate phase, Transfer 0.6.3 is ready for release.

is nothing huge to report in the change from RC2 to Final, except for a
few small code cleanups and some more documentation, and that is about

For the big spiel about what is new in 0.6.3, check out the RC1 release post.

Now it's just a case of seeing what I can manage to fit in before cf.Objective(), which is in two weeks!


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  • Richard | April 21, 2007

    Hi Mark – just started looking at Transfer. Very impressive stuff. Just to point out what looks like a wee typo in the tBlog app. In the tql statement in listPosts.cfm, I think the orderby clause should be from Post.dateTime not post.DateTime. (At any rate running mssql on Mac)

  • Richard | April 21, 2007

    wooops – now I got a typo – should be "Post.DateTime"

  • Mark | April 21, 2007

    Thanks for that Richard – those tricky case sensitive databases!

    Fixed, and re-uploaded.

  • Richard | May 8, 2007

    Hi Mark – maybe I’ve missed something or am stupid! If you have one-to-many relationships, can you simply choose whether to define relationship in the parent as one-to-many, or in the child as many-to-one, or both?

  • Mark | May 10, 2007

    Richard, I would suggest posting this message to the mailing list with some more details, you will find it here: