Transfer 0.6 Released

After a bit of time in a release candidate, version 0.6 of Transfer is ready to be released.

There is nothing very exciting to report, other than the fact that release candidate saw some critical fixes , so I'm very happy with the choice to do that, and we will see a release pattern much like that in the future.

See the Release Candidate post and full changelog for the new features found in 0.6.

Transfer 0.6 Download

Next on the road map is:

  • Composite Keys
  • Multiple Configuration files
  • Syntax in *where() methods to utilise cfqueryparam
  • …and some more stuff

Much thanks to all of those that tested out the Release Candidate, it was very much appreciated!!!

Please remember, there is a mailing list , and a forum , so if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to send it in. 

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  • Rob Gonda | December 5, 2006

    You can create a tag in RIAForge’s SVN. This will allow you/us to go back to the 0.6 official release at any point of time.

  • Mark | December 6, 2006

    Good idea Rob, I’ll do that now.