Transfer 1.0 Goes Gold!

Today is the day in which Transfer finally hits its stable, final, and complete 1.0 status.

The release candidate phase is finally over, and it showed up some critical bugs, which have since been fixed.

Things are moving along speedily, with the recent completion of the support contracts, and sponsored development programs.

I just finished writing a day's training program for webDU, which will soon to be available both on-site, and via Connect.

the next to-do list, is the rebuilding of the Transfer and Compound
Theory websites, with alerts for events, training, and a whole lot more!

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to the community
that surrounds Transfer, you guys are fantastic, and without you there
is no way Transfer could be where it is now.

Keep expecting good things from Transfer!

You can download the 1.0 Release from here.

For more details, check out the Release Notes.

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  • Joshua Curtiss | June 8, 2008

    Congratulations and thank you!

  • James | June 8, 2008

    Looking forward getting the download and taking it for a test run, congratulations on all your hard work.

  • Louis Muloka | July 8, 2008


    p.s.: i know you’re probably really busy but how difficult would it be to add Informix support? Could I do this on my own? (i’ve never actually looked at the transfer source but have been using CF since v2)

  • Mark | July 10, 2008

    Louis –
    You may be able to do it, but honestly, you’re the second person in 3 years looking for Informix support, so there isn’t a huge push for it so far, which means I probably won’t get around to it.

    Let me know if you get it done.

  • Louis Muloka | July 10, 2008

    ya i figured it wasn’t that popular… ^_^ thought i’d ask anyways.