Transfer 1.1 Release Candidate

Transfer 1.1 Release Candidate

Hot on the heals of Transfer 1.0, is Transfer 1.1, now with added sugar and spice, and all things nice! :oD

release has been squarely aimed at large Transfer based systems, in
order to give them more control over the caching layer, and provide
more performance overall.  (Which is not to say this isn't a release
for everyone else as well, because there are lots of good things to
share all around).

I'm not going to go into
huge detail on each of the new features, but instead will be running a
series of blog posts, highlighting each of the new main features and
how you would use them over the next coming week or so.

documentation is still mostly forthcoming (have to get that paying work
finished!), but expect it to show up on the wiki in the next few days. 
If you want a head start, most of the tickets linked in the release
notes have a link to the relevant google group post, or the usage
details can be found in the tickets themselves.

To give you a taste, of some of the really interesting new features:

  • A performance upgrade of at least 25% in object loading!
  • Introspection and statistics for the caching layer
  • A new cache discard algorithm, that allows granular control over the cache
  • New cache time-out settings
  • The ability to load manytoone, onetomany and manytomany collections as TransferObject Proxies, giving you a way to manage large object collections.
  • Custom tags for TQL (Big Thanks to Elliot Sprehn!)
  • Plus more!
You can read about all the details on these features in the release notes.

Happy Downloading!

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