Transfer eSeminar – Tomorrow – 25th of April

Just a quick reminder that I will be doing an eSeminar for Adobe tomorrow, 25th of April, at 2:00pm Melbourne, Australia Time.


Introduction to Building Applications with Transfer ORM

When developing an Object Oriented web based application, it is normal to have a database with relational tables and a series of objects that represent that data. Often, the amount of time and effort it takes to manually map these objects back and forth from a database is large, and can be very costly.

Object Relational Mappers (ORM) were developed to cut down the amount of time this process takes, and automate the translation between a relational database and an Object Oriented system.

Transfer ORM's main focus is to automate the repetitive tasks of creating the SQL and custom CFCs that are often required when
developing a ColdFusion application. Through a central configuration file Transfer knows how to generate objects, and how to manage them and their relationships back to the database.

This presentation will outline the basics of what an Object Relational Mapper is, the use case for using one within web application
development, as well as taking a code centric, step by step view of how to install, configure and use the basic functionality of Transfer ORM.


For those Aussie folks – yes, this is Anzac day! (Yeah…. I dunno why I was given a public holiday, go figure) ;o)

For those not in the AU region, the time conversion is:
USA – EST: 12am, 25-26 of April
USA – PST: 9pm, 25th of April
UK – London: 5am, 25th of April.

If you feel like staying up / getting up early, you are more than welcome to join us.

This is the new Introductory presentation I will be giving at cf.Objective() this year, so you can come by and get a preview of what I will be speaking about.


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  • David McGuigan | April 25, 2008

    Hopefully I’ve done the time conversion correctly and it’s 10pm Mountain time (Utah). I can’t make it to Objective this year so I’m eating up these preview talks like candy. Is there an official date for Transfer 1?

  • Mark | April 25, 2008

    Should be released today or tomorrow, depending on how much I get done..

  • David McGuigan | April 25, 2008


    Mark. Man. You’re a superstar. Props to mah homeboy.

  • Henry | April 25, 2008

    oops, missed it.

    Was it recorded? will it be available any time soon?

    Thank you.

  • David McGuigan | April 26, 2008

    Dangit. The presentation’s over. And it’s not in the list of on-demand presentations.

    I mis-converted the time.

  • Mark | April 28, 2008

    Recording details are now up: