Transfer Introduction eSeminar Recording

The recording for the recent Transfer eSeminar is now available to be viewed at your discretion.

The same code can also be downloaded from here.

There is a small silent part at the beginning due to the fact my Windows VM crashed, but the rest was relatively smooth sailing.

I hope you enjoy!

This is actually the same presentation I will be giving at cf.Objective() , so you may want to hold off on watching it, and catch it live instead ;o)

Big thanks to the Adobe Pacific eSeminar series for allowing this to happen.  It's worth checking it out to see if there is another eSeminar that is going to interest you!

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  • Mike Brunt | April 28, 2008

    Mark, when you say the Windows VM crashed do you mean the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) just curious.

  • Mark | April 29, 2008

    @Mike – My primary OS is Ubuntu, and when I do Connect preso’s I use a Windows Virtual Machine to do them in.

    For some reason I got a BSOD in my Windows Virtual Machine during the presentation.

    That make more sense? ;o)

  • Chris | May 6, 2008

    is there any way to download this video instead of streaming it?

  • Mark | May 6, 2008

    I don’t believe that Connect gives you that option at this stage.

  • chris | May 6, 2008

    That’s unfortunate. Each time I play the recording I get unsynchronized voice/presentation. At one point you were talking about Han Soloe, but the slides were a good 3-4mins ahead.

  • Matt | May 21, 2008

    Connect does seem a bit screwy. It’s a brain melt down trying to watch the presentation with unsync’d audio. Attention keeps flitting between what’s being said and what’s going on the screen. Transfer looks great though!

  • Marlon | June 2, 2008

    Is there an updated link to this presentation? Everytime I try to access it, it asks me for a login.

  • Mark | June 2, 2008


    So it does… I don’t know what is going on there, I will investigate.