Transfer Mailing List: 130 People!!!

I just checked out the mailing list for Transfer, and we're currently at 130 people!


When I left for cf.Objective(),
we were at 94, and I was hoping we would soon be at 100… I had a peek
today, and we're actually at 130! That's an increase of 36 people since
cf.Objective() Started!

That's 1.6 people added to the list, per day, since the day cf.Objective() started.

can only assume that this as a sign that my presentations were well
received, and have generated some interest in Transfer, which I am very
glad to hear.
(By the way, if anyone has any feedback on those presentations, please
feel free to let me know, I actually get very little in the way of
feedback, so I'm actually all ears)

I'm currently working on the getting the Composite key functionality
off the ground, so things are still moving forward with Transfer, so
expect some news on that in the near future.

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  • Sammy Larbi | May 26, 2007

    Congrats Mark. Here’s to continued success!

  • Simon Wallace-Jones | May 26, 2007

    Heard about you on CFWeekly

  • Sally Lokas | June 4, 2007

    Sorry, what I meant was, I am an analyst programmer who is new to using Model-Glue and Transfer. I am having issues everytime I run my program, its extremely slow when quering the database and it uses up almost all of the processor’s time. Has this happened to anyone before??

  • Mark Mandel | June 4, 2007


    Please forward any issues with Transfer you have to the mailing list at:

  • amit | August 9, 2009

    kuch bhi nahi

  • tricia | March 25, 2010