Transfer ORM version 0.2 Beta

Version 0.2 of Transfer ORM library is now ready for download and there is a whole lot of new things to look at.

It’s well past midnight here, so I’ll go into full detail about this in coming days, but some details of what I’ve been working on with this version:

  1. A new area of the site dedicated specifically to Transfer
  2. A lot more documentation
  3. Installation is now easier, with the ‘transfer_sequence’ table no longer needing you to define it’s data – it is now handled by Transfer.
  4. The ability to define your own CFML functions on a Business Object in the Transfer XML configuration file.
  5. A new mailing list for users of Transfer for the discussion and support of Transfer.
  6. Updated the example application to incorporate these new features, and include the latest features and new functionality.

I’ve also sent off a application to cfopen , and hopefully when that gets approved, I will be moving the codebase into CVS on there, not to mention it will be nice to have a centralised bug tracker.

However,  I am asking of all the people that downloaded Transfer, or plan to soon (yes, I read my web stats, there were a few of you), is to please, join the mailing list, and then have a good go at testing Transfer for me.

While I had a lot of fun testing Transfer out myself, there are always things the developers never think that someone will do with their software, so I figure there has definitley got to be holes out there for someone to poke in this.

If you have some time, please do test Transfer on supported environments, unsupported environments, and anything else that you feel like, and let me know what happens.

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