Transfer ORM version 0.3 Released

Version 0.3 of Transfer ORM is now ready for download .

New things to look for in this release:

  1. The ‘generate’ attribute on the ID element – now you have to specify if you want Transfer to generate primary keys for you. Otherwise it defaults to the new ability to retrieve database generated primary keys.
  2. Primary keys are now set to default values.
  3. A new method on the Transfer class – save().  This intelligently will either create, or update the transfer object dependent on its current state.
  4. If you are using Transfer to create your primary keys, you no longer need to create the transfer_sequence table.  Transfer now does this behind the scenes.
  5. All the bugs with UUID primary keys have been fixed.
  6. The transfer.xsd has been fixed up so that attributes that should have been set to ‘required’ are now.

There are a few more pieces, but they are all outlined in the change log and the documentation .

The tBlog example application has also been updated to use the new functionality, and can be downloaded from here.

Please do not forget that there is a mailing list for Transfer, and any and all feedback is appreciated. 

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