Transfer Pet Market Example Application

I just uploaded the example Transfer Pet Market application to cfpetmarket .

Besides changing the data management aspects to utilise Transfer, the application has stayed fairly true to its original form, and should hopefully provide a good example of some of the things that Transfer can do.

Some of the new functionality in 0.5 was a result of the issues I faced while developing the pet market application, so it was a good exercise both in providing an example for Transfer, and also testing out what limits it had.

So please wander over to the cfpetmarket , and have a look, and feel free to leave me any feedback or questions that you may have either here , here or here !

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  • khalis | July 13, 2006

    further information

  • Mark | July 14, 2006

    khalis –

    What further information can I give you? You will have to be more specific.