Transfer version 0.4 Released

Its been a long time in coming, but version 0.4 of Transfer has finally been released.

This version sees Transfer finally get some placed on a CVS repository, and also take advantage of its place in

The main new features for this version are:

  • If an object does not exist from transfer.get(); it now returns an empty object, rather than throwing an exception. This is more in line with other ORMs.
  • readByProperty() and readByWhere() methods added to to retrieve objects by non-primary Key values.
  • list(), listByProperty() and listByWhere() functions added to to provide simple listing of table values.
  • property[@column] and id[@column] in the config xml now default to the value of the name, which should result in less typing.
  • Added auto generation of GUID’s that conform to MS standards, and are performant for indexing.  XSD updated XSD accordingly.
  • Able to set a ‘configure’ custom function that is run just after the init() function is run.
  • More documentation on new features

The full changelog can be viewed here .

Transfer can be downloaded from here .

The next version is going to focus on getting support working for several more database types, top priorities being postGres and Oracle.

I also plan on doing a series of tutorial articles on this blog to show how to take advantage of Transfer and all its functionality.

It’s been great fun getting my hands dirty in Transfer again, so I hope you enjoy the efforts. 

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