I've finally done it! I've created my own blog.

Welcome to my blog, where I will attempt to discuss ColdFusion, Java, some XML / XSL and probably whatever I am working on at the time.

I'm sure there will be some teething problems, so please bear with me as I sort them all out.


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  • Steve Onnis | June 11, 2004

    Hey Mark

    About bloody time you slacker.

    Looking good although not to sure about the orange;)


  • Nathan Nesbit | June 11, 2004

    Very neat indeed.

    I agree, maybe a little rejigging with the colour scheme but a very slick site no less.


  • Hobbes | June 11, 2004

    Yeah man, what is up with the color?? Are you color blind or are you just bedazzled by the color of your new mobile audio head units display ? 8 P

  • Steve Onnis | June 11, 2004

    Well mark it’s looking good. Well done

  • Draken | June 12, 2004

    Orange is good… leave it be! 😀

  • nat | June 13, 2004

    I like orange- it’s tres chic.

  • tamaiya | June 13, 2004

    well yes orange is a great colour
    reminds me of telstra 🙂