Windows XP Service Pack 2 on my Tablet PC

For a variety of reasons I decided to bite the bullet and install the Windows Service Pack 2 on my trusty Toshiba Portege M200 tablet PC.

All I can say is WOOOOOH YEAH.

There is a bunch of stuff in here that is brilliant for Tablet PC users, and also for other stuff as well. Service Pack 2 is basically an upgrade to Tablet PC 2005. Free upgrade! :o)

The new writing input panel context is incredible – now it shows up whenever you come across a input field, instead of you having to manually open and close it. Also, character recognition is definatly better – not to mention the fact that the writing pad will translate your handwriting as you write so you can see if it's correct or not as you do it.

I could go on about the new bits and pieces – but here are some links to articles that explain it better:

Windows XP Service Pack 2: How it affects Tablet PC Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005: Tools to Use with Your Tablet PC
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005: New Ways to Interact with Your Tablet PC

The other big thing I found useful was the move to the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. Before this came along, I was running the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, which worked fine for most things – however did not get along very well with my new Nokia 6230.

I uninstalled the Toshiba version (as described here) and installed SP2 and now, my Nokia phone talks happily to my PC.

So all in all – I'd like to say WELL DONE to Miscrosoft for once, it's been a pleasure working with you.

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