You can get me on Pownce!

I've started using Pownce mainly these days, instead of Twitter. While I do like Twitter, Pownce just has a more polished feel to it, and has some far better functionality.

If you want to reach me on Pownce, you can catch me at:

Here is a quick rundown of the things I like about Pownce, and some of the things I don't.

Things I love about Pownce

  • The ability to send anything is SO much better than Twitter
  • being able to set to 'sets' of people is great
  • So easy to send someone a direct message, without anything weird to type (D name… wtf?)
  • Threaded conversations! Very nice!
  • You can delete messages once they have been sent!
  • Multiple versions of privacy

Things I'm not liking / would like improvements for

  • The search functionality is bad, if search for 'Mark Drew', I get everyone whose first or last name has 'drew' in it, which means I get way too many results, and in the wrong order
  • I can't run the AIR application, as AIR isn't supported on Linux
    (which I think is a silly move on Adobe's part considering the trend
    for developers to move away from Windows to either Mac or Linux, but it
    may be just something they had no choice on, as I believe the Flash 9
    plug-in for Linux is not quite up to par yet…)
  • It would be great if events showed up, automatically converted to my time zone
  • I can't Pownce from my mobile (I'm sure it will come)
  • I kinda miss the IM bot that Twitter has, but I probably wouldn't complain if I could run the AIR app
  • I would like to be able to see replies to Pownce's load up under the initial Pownce, rather than having to click in.

If you add me on Pownce, you may even get quick glimpses of what I'm doing with Transfer…. now isn't that special ;o)

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  • Armen | July 18, 2007

    Can you pls send Pownce invite to me, if any ?

  • Will B. | July 18, 2007

    I also dislike that you can’t minimize to the tray. I have enough taskbar button while I’m developing!